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22 09, 2022

Don’t Know Where To Start With WordPress? These Tips Can Help!

2022-09-21T21:58:36-07:00Internet Marketing, Uncategorized|

WordPress has given many bloggers some simple options for over 10 years.There are many bloggers that lack essential WordPress knowledge. This article has information that will help you understand WordPress better. Sometimes you may spend a lot of time adjusting your WordPress blog and then mistakenly [...]

15 09, 2022

How to Optimize Your Website for Voice Search and What it Means to SEO?

2022-09-15T15:50:04-07:00Search Engine Optimization, SEO|

An Intro. to Voice Search So how do we start, at least in terms of voice search SEO, a new 'hot button topic' to explore this time around? Well, it's easy: We begin at the beginning. But where is that? We start with Google Voice Search, [...]

8 09, 2022

[Video]: Keap or Infusionsoft: How to Add A Decision Diamond in the Campaign Builder

2022-09-08T13:59:13-07:00Keap Max Classic (formerly Infusionsoft by Keap) Consulting, Keap Max Classic (formerly Infusionsoft by Keap) How to Videos|

Ian just called me and asked me, where they find the Decision Diamond over here? To insert into their campaign builder inside of their Keap or their Infusionsoft by Keap system and they said they spent a long time looking to find where you [...]

6 09, 2022

Internal Check for Spam Entries Using PlusThis

2022-09-06T13:33:35-07:00Keap Consulting, needs featured image|

So this is um the campaign that's gonna check for spam entries this is gonna check for those spam entries that come through that have you know first names and last names that are all numbers and letters like five nine blah blah [...]

1 09, 2022

Using SEO To Get The Word Out About Your Site

2022-09-01T01:58:40-07:00Internet Marketing, Uncategorized|

Search engine optimization is important for a successful business.The tips will help you craft a successful SEO campaign. Use the tips below to boost your business. Pick a domain name that is full of your desired keyword in it. You want to make your site easy [...]

27 08, 2022

Client Testimonial – Tara Green

2022-08-27T11:25:25-07:00Client Testimonials|

Tara Green I just finished up working with Katrina Mashack. She was incredible to work with! I felt very comfortable with her and was able to find answers to all my questions. She is personable, resourceful, full of knowledge and gave me so many ideas on [...]