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28% of WordPress Websites Could Be Affected

Google has introduced yet another mobile-friendly feature that helps the users searching or browsing through their mobile phones. In an attempt to create a mobile-friendly experience that includes easy navigation, larger readable fonts and only vertical scroll, Google has changed the way it would rank the websites when searched through a mobile, giving preference or “better ranking” to the mobile friendly sites. This has alarmed a number of website owners and developers that have yet to come up with mobile-friendly version of their websites. However this change was announced much before the actual change in ranking system and developers were given a considerable time to include necessary plugins like Any Mobile Theme Switcher, WPTouch Mobile in their WordPress websites. These plugins can create a mobile friendly site, getting it in good ranks on the search results page thereby giving a boost to the number of visitors. Apparently out of the 25 highly popular websites examined, 285 did not fit the criteria of being mobile friendly including big shots like Nokia, PlayStation and Sony and so it is time to update your WordPress websites.

read the article here: http://www.latestwp.com/2015/04/22/28-of-wordpress-websites-are-affected-by-googles-mobile-search-update-and-what-to-do-about-it/

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