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20 Marketing Statistics that every Marketing Strategy should encompass in 2018

After a long industrious week, I decided to do a bit of leisure reading and keep tabs on the ever-progressing world of online internet marketing. Being that it is my forte, I came across quite an interesting piece that really divulged into the realm of marketing statistics; setting itself aside from some of the abstract content that we as readers are accustomed to online.

The interesting facts, coupled with the never-ending opportunities showcased in this piece, is what inspired me to reiterate the strengths of gearing your 2018 marketing strategy to the statistics that will be mentioned shortly. So let’s dig in!

Merkle’s report is an eye-opener

It’s been barely a month since Merkle availed its quarterly benchmarks, a detailed report showcasing the cream of the crop, the average Joes, as well as the nose divers in the digital marketing sphere.  But we’ll be focusing on statistics that will specifically add value to your AdWords and Facebook/Instagram ads, as well as PPC; a vital aspect to add to any marketing mix.

2018 PSM (Paid Search Marketing) Statistics

Let’s kick it off by focusing on Ad-Spending:

  1. Ad spending grew by 24% year-over-year in the 4th quarter of 2017, up from 22% in the 3rd
  2. Year-over-year ad spending on AdWords grew by 23%
  3. Google Search ad conversions grew by 12% thanks to cross-device conversions, therefore bringing ad conversions as a result of mobile devices roughly twice the rate of that attributed to desktops
  4. The Cross Per Click (CPC) average on Google Search Network rose by 14% in the 4th Quarter
  5. There was a rise in the Google Search Network click volume, spiking to 9% in the 4th Quarter year-over-year
  6. With a 32% growth in Shopping Ads, and a further 15% in text as spending, the overall Google Search ad expenditure grew by 23% year-over-year
  7. Google Search Ad expenditure attributed to mobile devices grew by 38% while that of desktop grew by 21% in the 4th Quarter
  8. CPCs focused on branded keywords fell by 13% in the 3rd Quarter, but experienced a spike up to 23% in the 4th
  9. There was a rise of 23% in the 4th Quarter for non-brand keywords in minimum first page bids
  10. Non- brand Google searches experienced a 20% improvement in the average revenue per click in the 4th Quarter
  11. 55% of retailer’s Google search ad clicks in the US constituted Google Shopping
  12. In the 4th Quarter, the [email protected] sector experienced a spike of 21% in Ad spend, 4% in clicks, and 16% in CPC

So here’s my take

From the statistics, it’s pretty clear that businesses are still spending big on search priorities. And this is mainly due to the effective reliance on AdWords to boost leads as well as conversions in virtually every facet of an online business. Fortunately for the advertising fraternity, Merkle also showed that there was improved quality of traffic and over 20% increase in the revenue generated by every click; which clearly shows that despite paying hefty premiums for your ads to stay at the apex of the SERP, you’ll still be handsomely rewarded!

Another key point that we’ve got to take home is that mobile was, and still is, the primary area that advertises need to exert their energy and focus on. Which sheds light on a new avenue of success; that is, have we ensured that our landing pages are 100% optimized for an enjoyable mobile user experience?

Another trend that’s emerging in the marketing sphere is how advertisers are focusing on user profiles to create targeted ads that really build on intent as well as accuracy; that is, ensuring that the user is satisfied with the end-result of the ads.

The PMS Statistics (Paid Social Marketing)

  1. Facebook had the lion’s share of paid social advertisement, with 82% of all spending being recorded on the platform
  2. Facebook Ads shown in the user’s NewsFeed had a CTR of 1.2%, 4x more than right rail ads
  3. In the 4th quarter, Ad spend increased by 20% on Facebook
  4. Of all the Facebook ad spend recorded in the 4th quarter, 83% of it was geared towards tablets and mobile devices.
  5. Surprisingly, Facebook Spend growth experienced a decline, having only a 20% in the 4th A big difference to the 40% recorded the whole of the year.
  6. Facebook ad impressions experienced a decline of 27% in the 4th
  7. However, ad spend on Facebook in the 4th quarter increased by 20%
  8. The average CPC for Facebook increased 36% in the 4th

Yet again, it’s crystal clear…

That Facebook is still the king of paid social marketing; despite a few hiccups in News Feed ad placements and a fall in impressions. Yes, Facebook demands time and resources, but due to its effectiveness in the online marketing space, it’s an option you definitely can’t afford to leave out.

And there you have it. Moral of the story? That PPC is a must-have in any marketing mix! Okay, maybe you’re still feeling a little ‘iffy’ about including it in your marketing model. No worries. If you book a free consultation with 4spotMarketing today, we’ll help you touch base with some of the essential statistics that have been mentioned and how you can gear yourself to capitalizing on these helpful stats. What are you waiting for? Don’t hesitate to reach out to us as soon as possible!

This article is a summary of the article “35 Marketing Statistics that Should Change Your Strategy in 2018″ found on WordStream’s website. You can view the article in its entirety here: https://www.wordstream.com/blog/ws/2018/02/05/marketing-statistics

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