Pay Per Click Management

Pay Per Click (PPC)


PPC is a popular online method for advertising in which the payment is determined only on a qualified click-through. These are the advertisements that show up at the top, as well as the rail on the right side of a search engine result page (SERP). PPC gives you the chance to create advertisements and to target particular keywords with them.

Ads are shown on a search engine results page based on the maximum cost-per-click (CPC) of the matched keyword as well as the bid and score of quality. It’s determined by the individual keyword’s cost.

Keyword research is particularly important as some keywords are more expensive than others. Failing to research may result in wasted advertising dollar and larger than needed expenses. 4Spot Marketing’s management services provide more than just keyword bidding advice. We are solely focused towards delivering high-quality traffic from some of the major providers of PPC services, identifying proper geographical areas which are going to generate targeted, converting and less expensive traffic.

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When choosing 4Spot Marketing for AdWords Management, these are the services you will receive:

  • Defining the layout and the strategy of the campaign
  • In-depth selection and keyword research
  • Identifying the best converting landing pages
  • Implementing accurate tracking of conversions
  • Submission of advertisements
  • Account settings for PP
  • Effective Bid management
  • Monthly analysis
  • Assessment and recommendations for the campaign
  • Testing and proper optimization

Furthermore, we work diligently on improving:

  • History of your account
  • Ranking and ad copy
  • Issues of quality score
  • Acquisition of higher conversions
  • Overall performance of your account
  • Testing and identifying opportunities
  • Providing you with additional information in relation to your campaign
  • A long-term strategy for the long-term which is designated to maximize the results

We are going to monitor and review your performance and work on optimizing the ads throughout the process. Our process is solely designated to increase the efficiency of your campaign through the expansion of the current conversion number and at the same time lowering the per-action cost through active day-to-day management of your campaign.

In-Depth Research for Keywords

We perform a detailed keyword research in order to establish the most relevant phrases to capture your target audience. This is one of the most important first steps when it comes to the pay-per-click submission process for keywords. Upon targeting the most relevant and accurate keywords, the users who visit the website are going to be particularly qualified and are likely to be properly motivated to request information or to buy.

PPC Management and Analysis

The campaign management as well as the analysis includes the following components:

  • Relevant and high-priority goals
  • Improving the structure of the campaign as well as its efficiency and reach of audience
  • Improving the Quality Score and addressing the correct areas of problems
  • Identifying and acting based upon the most relevant search trends as well as execution of accurate keyword analysis
  • Delivering highly qualified traffic which results in particularly higher conversion rates
  • Continuous daily monitoring of the performance of your keywords
  • Evaluating and adding of new keywords and removing ones which are not productive on a monthly basis
  • Monitoring the pre-set budgets
  • Extensive and continuous optimization of bids and bid positions which are going to yield the highest return on the business objectives as defined on behalf of the client
  • Structural reorganization periodically with the intention of breaking up the current ad groups in separate ones alongside different landing pages and new ads
  • Creating and testing multiple ads for every single keyword or group of keywords in order to properly enhance the regular click-through rate
  • Incorporating new landing pages as it is required

Service Deliverables


  • Absolutely dedicated campaign management team to monitor
    and make necessary changed to the bid amounts, bid positions, rules and keyword sets.
  • Extensive and comprehensive research of keywords
  • Development and continuous analysis of individual ads
  • Research and creation of expert ad copy
  • Listings in Google Search, mobile networks
  • Using Google Analytics to track conversions
  • Targeting mobile ads if that’s applicable
  • Implementing adjustments on the go in order to increase profits and to improve the ROI

4Spot Marketing is a company which offers comprehensive management of pay-per-click campaigns. We are well aware of the important roles that PPC and SEO have on your digital marketing campaigns. We take tremendous pride in executing the most stellar practices for all of our campaigns. Our sole intention is to seek out the most creative as well as effective strategy which results in building a strong online presence.

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