These days it is common knowledge how important SEO is to a business’s website, but surprisingly not many vape shop businesses utilize the most basic SEO tactics. Once they finally decide to implement a few SEO tactics, they never understand why they procrastinated for so long. They end up with so many new customers that many times they have to restructure their business practices.

If you delay administering SEO on your vape shop’s website, you could be missing out on major traffic. This article will cover five reasons why search engine optimization is so important for vape businesses such as yours.


SEO is Your Vape Shop’s Online Advertisement

The hard truth is, if consumers who are looking for vape products can’t locate you online, you simply do not exist.  Search engine optimization tactics make it possible for your business to be found. If you have a brick-and-mortar location, you will use some type of signage to let everyone know that it is a vape shop and open for business. That is what SEO does for your online shop. It helps your business to be found online.


Vape Shop SEO Becomes a Distribution Channel

One of the largest advantages of search engine optimization is that it gets your business in front of the right people at the right time. These are consumers who are actually searching for your particular products and services. Honestly, potential customers are looking for your vape products on a daily basis. As these people start to initiate the purchase process online more often, it is going to be absolutely imperative for your vape shop to be able to be found. As these customers find out that you are able to fulfill their needs, SEO becomes a distribution channel within itself.


Vape Shop SEO is Quite Simple

Of course, SEO is considered to be extremely complex. Actually, it is so elaborate that only a select number of people can actually grasp the intricacies of the algorithms used. With that being said, search engine optimization for your vape business does not have to be difficult. Having a dedicated SEO strategy in place will go a long way towards connecting your business to your potential online customers. Your business can get the traffic you desire with simple SEO tactics.


SEO is Affordable

SEO should be economical and effective, if it’s not, you are working with the wrong marketing group. At 4Spot Marketing, our affordable SEO services have delivered solid results time and time again to vape shops and various other types of businesses. The truth is, you don’t have to spend your entire marketing budget to begin adding basic optimization to your site. The idea is to have a dedicated SEO strategy and to stick with it.


Other Vape Shops Are Starting to Utilize SEO

If the previous points in this article haven’t been enough to convince you of the importance of SEO for your business, think about this – your competition in the vape industry will have the competitive edge because they are starting to implement SEO tactics. We are a major increase in the number of vape shops seeking our services.

One of the greatest advantages of SEO in regard to things like content marketing, is that it will continue to grow over time. When you use tactics such as pay-per-click advertising, you devote your efforts to a one-time scheme. This can eat up your budget quickly. You want SEO that will continue to work for you for longer periods of time.

Once a business starts the planning of strategic SEO, they will have a head start in the SERP competition. The faster you start building your SEO plan the better. By starting now, you will already have skin in the game, it will be difficult for a newcomer to the online vape shop industry to outrank you in the search engine results.


We Are Here to Help

Don’t be one of those business owners that mistake vape shop SEO as an option, rather than mandatory.  With a well-developed SEO plan of action, we can demonstrate how easy it is to implement SEO within your vape shop marketing strategy. You will also be able to envision how it can generate sales with very little money invested into it. Having an SEO campaign in place offers a definite competitive advantage. Not having an SEO campaign will put you at a definite competitive disadvantage.